Our Team

Welcome to the Senior NLIC Team! All specialists in their various fields and working to provide the letting industry and landlords the support that is required to help them comply with HSE Law. Feel free to contact us on 0131 501 3203 or email us at info@nlic.uk if you have any questions.


Managing Director

  • Stephen Clarke

Head of Admin Central and Certification

  • Trudy Bone

Financing Business Manager

  • Jamie Bone

Customer Relations Manager

  • Sarah Quintana

Head Risk Assessment Officer & Security Specialist

  • Matt Daily

Risk Assessment Officer (Northern Region) & Security Specialist

  • Brian Monteith

Risk Assessment Software Team

  • Up to date, state-of-the-art software used in the process

Head of New Media (Consulting)

  • Ian Dommitt

Head of Public Relations (Gary Robinson Communications GRC)

  • Gary Robinson


We use UKAS Accredited Laboratories