Letting Agents

Beware of the pressure being placed on Letting Agents by third party service providers.

NLIC has posted a warning in the market to watch out for service providers not providing protection policy with their services and charging for water testing.

Water testing is not a legal requirement. However a Risk Assessment is.

The revised law on Legionnaires Disease clearly stipulates that if you are a joint duty holding letting agent you are jointly responsible for ensuring your properties are risk assessed.

If you pay a third party company to train a member of staff which can cost you up to £250 per employee then you are taking that legal risk on yourselves. DO YOU REALLY NEED THAT RESPONSIBILITY?

This road will cost you money, time and leave your firm exposed.

Any other third party service provider will also charge your Landlords for additional call outs, water testing, replacement shower heads and replacement water tanks.

Contact NLIC for a free impartial view on the service provider you have been contacted by. We will look at their costs and inform you of the pitfalls associated with them.

If on the other hand you work with NLIC we will provide these services to you for free, train you for free, manage the end to end process for free and remove the legal responsibility from your firm.

NLIC will also pay your firm for every property risk assessed NEW INCOME TO YOU.

Is that not far better than taking on the risk yourselves?