Is this law?

Yes, it is a legal requirement to have a fully recognised risk assessment carried out on rental properties.


Can a letting agent carry out this work themselves?

They can, but they will not have a full protection policy. They may be exposed to potential litigation. It is a legal requirement for joint duty holders in the UK to protect tenants from the risk of Legionella. NLIC provide incentives to letting agents in order that they facilitate protection for the tenants and landlords. In this way letting agents should cover their costs.


How lethal is Legionella?

Legionnaires disease is potentially lethal. When the bacteria is swallowed in low concentration, it usually passes through the system without adverse effect, but in some cases people can have flu-like symptoms, diarrhoea and vomiting. The bacteria becomes highly dangerous, in higher concentrations, when airborne, and causes pneumonia and a wide range of illnesses which may be fatal. In the UK thousands of people become infected leading to amputations in some cases. There are 240 different strains of the disease.


How many times does this have to be carried out, the HSE guidelines states “regularly”?

NLIC suggests a yearly assessment provides the tenant and landlord with the appropriate protection via full protection policy. We provide full information training to letting staff and a 24-hr information line.


How long has NLIC been operating?

NLIC was formed in 2014.


Who is behind NLIC?

The officers and staff are victims of Legionnaires decease and have worked in the letting industry for many years.


Why is there such a difference in charges between different service suppliers?

In NLIC’s opinion this is because there are varying degrees of risk assessments being carried out and we can only comment on our services, and NLIC go beyond HSE’s minimum requirements. See below.

  • providing protection policy
  • replacement water tanks in the event of a risk
  • replacement shower heads in the event of a risk
  • free water sampling in the event of a risk
  • no additional call-out charges for reassessment
  • bimonthly tenant education program
  • 24 hr Landlord help line
  • COSHH records maintained for 5 years
  • full admin support for letting agents
  • witness support